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  • Unit Count:1 set (includes a plant+glass container)


  • Botanical Name:Schefflera elegantissima (Veitch ex Mast.) Lowry & Frodin


  • Common Name(s):False Aralia


  • Description:False Aralia is one of the popular houseplants that can be grown outside, but preferred grown indoors. The appearance of its divided leaf displays a similar shape like a feather. The lobed leaf started out as a shaded burgundy color and eventually changed to a rich green color. Moderate humidity is best to keep them from too dry and leaves dropping. 


  • Indirect Sun Light ​​Requirements:☀☀☀

     (4 stars or more = Put plants near the window for indirect sunlight and ventilated area; 3 stars or under = put plants near the window for 1-2 times everyweek)

False Aralia

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