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  • Unit Count:1 set (includes a plant+glass container)


  • Botanical Name:Monstera adansonii


  • Common Name(s):Adanson's monstera, Swiss cheese vine, Five holes plant


  • Description:The leaves will change their form as the plant matures. That’s where they got their name as the “Swiss Cheese Plant” because of its large, heart-shaped leaves covered with holes that resemble a Swiss cheese. This plant is part of the Araceae family that's native to South and Central America, it’s very easy to grow and loves to climb and grow upwards.


  • Indirect Sun Light ​​Requirements:☀☀☀

     (4 stars or more = Put plants near the window for indirect sunlight and ventilated area; 3 stars or under = put plants near the window for 1-2 times everyweek)

Monstera Adansonii 'Narrow Leaf'

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