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Due to delays, please consider the risks before purchasing.

We're No-Contact Delivery plants from South Seattle, or your can local to pick up.  

When can I expect my plants?

We deliver out on Saturday or Sunday, or you can pick up on weekday from 11 - 6pm. 

Will get a notification when my order ready to pick up or delivery?

Yes. We will send an email as soon as when your plants has ready to pick up or date of delivery. Please ensure your email is entered correctly. You are responsible for let us know when you decide to pick up your plants or date of the delivery to you.

What is the message responding time?

We try our best to respond to your message as soon as we can from 24 to 48 business hours. Our customer service is off on Saturday and Sunday. Please expect to have our response on the next Monday if you contact us after 5pm PST on the previous Friday. 

Will I get refund or replacement if the plants arrived damaged during transit? 

> We love and have personally grown all of our plants. We will pack them as carefully as possible to minimize damages during transit. However, please understand the risks of deliver live plants. No refund or replacement will be issued once the plants are leaving our greenhouse. 

> If you receive your plants, please put them near the window for at least 1-2 weeks. This is important! They arrive new home so it will take them some time to get used to it. 

> When your plants arrives, please take off white cotton (just keep moisturizing on delivery) of plants roots, and add the water into the glass vase till reach roots or  plant's sponge (NO FULL, keep some air for plant's roots breathing).


All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

If there are any issues in your order when it arrives, please contact us within 24 hours with timestamped photos attached with accurate descriptions.

By purchasing the plants, you have agreed to the terms above.

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